About Me

I am a married mother of one, residing on Long Island, in the great state of New York.  No, I do not know Joey Buttafuoco and Amy Fisher (it's been a while- get over it), nor do I know Mariah Carey (but I did go to the same high school as Kevin James and Mankind... I AM famous!).

My husband is Kyle and he's wonderful, thank you very much.  Once I snagged him up and convinced him of all my charms, we had a baby, Avery, who is uncommonly adorable (don't worry, I'm sure your kids are cute too).

I started a blog, Dinner With Kir, in order to chronicle my experiences in the kitchen, which quickly evolved into what it is today: a blog of randomness.  Come visit if you'd like!

This blog was designed for me to review the fabulous books that I read (and horrible ones too- I'll be totally honest) as well as the products that I use and love!

p.s.- I have an addiction to your comments.  Fuel this addiction by saying hi!