Wednesday, November 17, 2010 Promo Code

I learned WAY too much about the cost of many household items last January, when a pipe in our kitchen exploded and flooded EVERYTHING. The floor, countertops, and many of the small appliances were ruined, but were thankfully covered by our homeowners policy, though we needed to be cautious about spending, as not to go over-budget.
This is what we came home to after a pleasant dinner at my in-laws (notice the untouched bowl- doesn't it just look ridiculous?)

A good thing did come out of the whole escapade, however; while redoing the counters, we were able to extend them out, creating a peninsula on one side that greatly added to the counter-space. As one who likes to experiment with cooking, I definitely appreciated the extra room!

Why am I going on and on about this? Well, when we extended the counter, we wanted to put a couple of stools underneath on which to sit. I searched every possible internet site, looking for the most attractive ones that were not over-priced (a feat that, I came to find out, was nearly impossible).


They had exactly what I was looking for (see pic), and the shipping was only $3- it's always is that cost, regardless of the size of your purchase!
New counter stools- I sit on them all the time!

So... Overstock has decided to give my readers and I a little incentive (as if we needed any!) to make some of our holiday purchases at this fantastic site- 10% off! Just use the promo code 121728 at checkout. Additionally, the promo code for free shipping on all electronics is 202234.

Some great ideas for your shopping list this year- jewelry, both classic pendants and handmade, golf equipment, pretty mirrors, digital cameras, and more... the list goes on and on.
Love this snowflake pendant!

Addicted to the “Black Friday” deals that so many stores offer, but hate the mad rush? Overstock has taken care of that too, offering exclusive sales for members who sign up.

This is definitely the way to go: shop everyone on your list, get them the perfect gift for the right price, and all from the comfort of your own home- shop today!

All the ideas and opinions expressed are my own. No monetary compensation was received for doing this post, however, I was provided with a discount code.

Friday, November 12, 2010

KBL Sunglasses

Everyone has (or should have) at least one article of clothing or accessory that they feel amazing in. Maybe it's a fancy dress (bridal gown, perhaps?), a special coat that magically enhances your figure, or a pair of gorgeous earrings that you've been complimented on over and over.

For me, this piece is a pair of sunglasses.

The perfect mix of classic and trendy, my aviators make me feel fabulous, even in sweats and sans makeup. They come from KBL- a glasses design shop that features super-stylish aviators like mine, chic classics, and an eyeglass division that is just being launched.

With the holidays approaching, you should definitely try them out- you will be so glad you did!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Clinique's "All About Eyes"

I'm a crier.

I cry during commercials, movies, and television shows. I cry while reading sad books and when finding out very happy news. It's a complete embarrassment when my eyes fill up with tears at a rather inappropriate time, but the worst is the next day when my eyes are so red and puffy that I can hardly see out of them, and everyone asks, "Wow- are you sick?  Did you get any sleep last night?"  Ugh!

That was until a couple of years ago when a friend of mine recommended a brilliant product to me: Clinique's “All About Eyes.” Creamy, yet light, I have used it now every night before bed, and it has made a world of difference.

Gone are the days of next-day-puffy-eye-syndrome caused by a Sunday evening marathon of “Grey's Anatomy” reruns on TBS. Gone are even the slightest crinkles and wrinkles that tend to appear after a slightly stressful week. Gone are any insecurities I've ever had about my eyes showing to much age.

If you've never experienced an eye-cream product that has worked in all of these ways, definitely recommend that visit Clinique's website and order this product immediately- you won't be disappointed! 

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Mid-Way Appraisal: Catch-22, by Joseph Heller

So, I've only read about 1/3 of this novel so far, but I thought I'd give an update.

With so many characters right from the very beginning, I was feeling a little confused. Is it imperative that I be aware of EVERYONE that makes an appearance in this book? Who is the MAIN character, the protagonist, the person in the story with whom I should be relating? Will there be a quiz?

Despite my myriad questions, I trudged onward through the reading, hoping it would all come together for me in time.

It didn't. But it's awesome.

Silly does not even remotely describe the ridiculous antics that go on in this book, Monty-Python-style, and I LOVE it! I can almost hear my high school English teacher describing Catch-22 as one of the foremost satires of the time, but that makes the novel seem, well, educational. That is not how I would describe it, though. Slapstick at times, asinine at others, hilarious always: Catch-22 (so far) is a great choice!